Agriculture: Geothermal Power & Installation Basics

February 16th, 2017

Agriculture:  Geothermal Power & Installation Basics

Come, learn, and observe an on-site installation of a pond-source geothermal system that also features a solar photovoltaic electric power source.  Learn of these technologies as possibilities for your heating, cooling, and electrical needs for your farm, business, or residence.


WhenThursday, March 16, 2017   10:00am-Noon

Where: John Mcnulty property, 156 Pritchard Road, West Winfield, NY 13491

Guest speaker:  Nick Pryputniewicz, mechanical engineer, of NP Environmental.

Nick will be speaking of basics of geothermal systems, components, costs, incentives etc.  He will offer information on site evaluations, energy audits, price and value, and system performance.

A promising solution to high energy costs is buried underground. Super-efficient geothermal pumps can provide clean, quiet geothermal heating and cooling while cutting utility bills by up to 70%. The earth’s temperature stays at a constant 50 degrees F independent of how hot or cold it is outside. So while a conventional “air-source” heat pump may provide some buffered cooling and heating, the efficiency of a ground-source heat pump makes pretty easy work of extracting and disbursing heat through the 50 degree F liquid circulating in the ground loops.  Deep wells may also be an option if space and lateral loops do not fit the property plan.  It takes one kilowatt/hour of electricity for a geothermal heat pump to produce nearly 12,000 BTU of cooling or heating which is twice as efficient as the top-rated air conditioners.

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