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Farm Flash - June 2017 Livestock Issue
Getting organized and saving time on record retention, Best practices for tractor & implement maintenance & efficiency, Beef sustainability regional data collection, Ready set pasture, Helping calves beat the heat, Crop Shorts, weather, hay alfalfa weevil, corn worms, wheat weed control, improving your pasture
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Farm Flash - May 2017
Public Presentation & Hearing, Census of Agriculture Countdown begins, DPM, Geothermal Field Visit, Enroll in residential Ag Electric bill discount, Why use an LLC?, Lameness Issues on the FARM Agenda, Timely information from the field, What crop traits are genetically engineered, Managing risk in dairy downturn: On-line resource, Crop Shorts, get your planter ready, soybeans, inter- seeding cover crops into corn, weeds, soybeans
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Farm Flash - April 2017
What is a farm operation?,  NPE in Iodine Based Teat Dips:  Check your labels Now., Agribusiness Incubator, Calculating your cost of milk production Moreover, using the results to manage your expenses, Considering Solar Electric...Ten Questions to ask, Crop Shorts:  2016 Cornell grain variety test results, no-till meeting, Springtime eval. Of Alfalfa, Profit margins on crops, Weeds in your fields and improving their management
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Farm Flash - March 2017 Livestock Issue
Oneida County Dairy Day, Cornell Guideline Series, Manure-Handling Emergency Action Plans, Reducing risk through crop insurance, Dairy Reminders, Crop Shorts, DPM
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Farm Flash - February 2017
Recap from strategizing your future Webinar: What you need to know and do if you aren’t already, DPM, Winter brings higher carbon monoxide (CO) Risk for farmers, 10 key tax tips for farmers & ranchers from the IRS, Reducing the risk of corn seedling disease, yield loss after cereal rye cover crop, Cover story “When to Tap?”, 2017 Cornell Guideline Series release dates, Crop Shorts
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Farm Flash - January 2017
Ag Enrollment, Managing risk in agriculture, Snow load and barn collapse, Reminders on open burning, Crop Shorts/evaluating your corn silage & selecting hybrids for next years corn crop
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Farm Flash - December 2016
Become an enrolled member, Finding grants and other funding opportunities, Update on CNY Feeder Calf Sale, Farm Safety Tip—Winterizing your farm, Dairy farmers margins remain tight; cash flow statement can offer insight, Harness nature’s Ag energy tour, A crowd Pleaser!  Part III, DPM, Farmers assuring responsible management (FARM) program changes to be implemented Jan 1, 2017, Crop shorts and Soil testing
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Farm Flash - November 2016
Underperforming Resources:  Is your calf management to blame?, Tax Planning Tips, Harness Nature’s Energy Tour..A crowd pleaser Part II, Labor Management in Agriculture, Empowerment and Delegation, Crop Shorts—TOP PICKS from our area seedsman, Dairy Production Margin
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Farm Flash - October 2016
52nd Annual 4-H Conservation Education Days, Upcoming events, Labor Management in Agriculture, Harness Nature’s Ag Energy Tour Part I, Farm to School Update, Food Service in the schools: How it Works,  Hitting the Reset Button:  What’s Your Action Plan, Dairy Production Margin, Crop Shorts, Farm Vehicle Safety on the Roads

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Farm Flash - September 2016 Livestock Issue
Landowner Considerations for Solar Land Leases, 10 Beef Cattle To-Do’s if drought spreads into Fall, Common forest owner questions and recommended actions from Cornell’s Forest Connect, One bite at a time:  Know your numbers for cost and for loss, CCE Oneida County constitutional by-laws ballot, Oneida County Agro-tourism Roundtable, On-Line resources for sheep and goat producers, Crop Shorts, Dairy Production Margin

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